Open Up
The Possibilities

For the homeowner or renter looking to create the perfect indoor-outdoor living space, the StruXure is here to function as your piècede résistance. Designed to manage the effect of sunlight and rain on your porch, balcony, or other outdoor space, it allows you to enjoy any weather condition in privacy and luxury. Louvers rotate 170⁰ to filter out the sunlight as it moves throughout the day. Sit in comfortable shade while air flows through the angled louvers, which shield you from the sun without impeding your view of the great outdoors.

The StruXure wouldn’t be the pergola system of the future without an efficient, thoughtfully designed rain-channeling system. Originally developed for the hospitality industry (for outdoor dining), the roof is engineered to close and redirect rain water into an internal gutter system by way of our patented interlocking louver design. The StruXure’s optional rain sensor closes the roof system when it detects the first drops of rain. Simply put, the StruXure is the must-have pergola system for any forward-thinking indoor-outdoor living space.

The Modern Day
Louvered Roof

Traditional pergolas, while beautiful, rarely reach their full potential in terms of tangible benefit. That’s why StruXure’s engineers created the “modern day pergola,” designed with flexibility, aesthetic excellence, and ease of use in mind.

The StruXure louvered roof system can both filter in a full spectrum of sun and light when needed and be instantly modified to shade its inhabitants at a moment’s notice. Its all-aluminum structure (and special powder coating) provides unique structural and aesthetic advantages over traditional pergolas, most of which use wooden frames. With our wide breadth of customizable color options as the proverbial icing on the cake, the StruXure represents the very best the modern pergola has to offer.

Our Award-Winning
Pivot Design

The StruXure Roof System uses our patented cutting-edge StruXure Pivot and StruXure Slide technologies. Our engineers regularly design and implement new and upgraded technologies to incorporate into our systems, such as the iLouver OS app, which allows you to control your StruXure Roof System from your phone or tablet. We designed the operational controls to work in unison with touch control, with a handful of programmable presets you can personally customize and recall at the touch of a button. Combining this technology with rain and wind sensors adds a degree of automation that allows your roof system to respond appropriately to any given weather condition. The iLouver’s “Hurricane Mode,” for example, automatically opens the roof when wind speeds reach a certain threshold.


Calvin gave Frank and I a whole new backyard area. Completely renovated the space and under budget. Simply the best!

- Jackie S.


Absolute Outdoor Living helped me refurnish our country club and they went above and beyond the call of duty, I'd recommend them to my friends and family

- Erick H.


I was very impressed with our new roofing system. From start to finish the entire team of designers and installers were friendly and professional. Thanks so much for a wonderful job.

- Thomas M.